Causeway Traffic Jam

Singapore government is famous globally for its efficiency in all areas of its operation, except one - the causeway traffic jam.    For the past twenty over years,  traffic jam at causeway has never improved.  In fact, it has gotten worse.   Especially in the recent few years,  after the Mat Selamat incident and couple other incidents of people trying to drive through customs illegally.   The situation is far worse during school holidays like right now.

It takes easily one to two hours to cross over to JB or to return to Singapore during non peak hours.  During peak hours or festive days, it's easily 3 to 4 hours.   The long queue in the morning and evening is a daily affair.    The situation at the causeway forms an ironic contrast with the super efficent custom operations in Changi airport.

Whenever this topic is brought up,  the standard answer has always been - "securing the national border takes the highest priority.  We cannot afford to make mistakes."   Yes i agree national security is extremely important, but it is equally important to balance the needs of commuters.   Hundreds of hours are wasted every year by each frequent traveller.  When you add up time wasted by everyone,  it's a huge drag on human resource and tarnish Singapore government's image of high efficiency.

I hope the relevant government agencies can rehaul the work process to reduce the average time spent by commuters while achieving the goals of appropriately securing our borders.

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