Tuition Fees Increase but Government Aid Available

The new batch of students entering the polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in the 2016 academic year will have to pay between 1.2 and 8% more for tuition fees, but government aid is available to alleviate this.

Annual Tuition Fees

A spokesman for the polytechnics and ITE said the fees are reviewed annually and "adjusted if necessary to meet the rising cost of quality education". The adjustment "also takes into account the prevailing economic situation", she said, adding: "Where possible, it is preferable to have regular, but small, fee increases than a significant hike in any one year."

Students can apply for a wide range of financial aid through bursaries, scholarships, loans and work-study schemes to cover their tuition fees, said the spokesperson. Stressing that the Government continues to subsidise the cost of education at these institutions, despite fee increases.

How can the government continue to support students in their educational pursuits? Let us know!

Source: “ITE, poly fees going up for new students” (The Straits Times, 4 Dec 2015)

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