Singaporeans Live Longer and in Better Health

People in Singapore are not just living longer, but also staying healthy for more years. 

Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Health, who also sits on the Ministerial Committee on Ageing, told The Straits Times that she expects people to stay healthy for more years as there is greater emphasis on care for chronic diseases.

For now, Dr Khor added: "The question is whether we can turn longevity to our advantage. If we can, the opportunities that come with longevity are tremendous." 
Elaborating that the Government wants to "change the conversation, the perception, about ageing" to turn the longer lives of people here into an advantage, she said most young people would be happy if their elders can remain active and independent for longer. It should also assure them that they, too, can remain economically active when they are old.

She feels that employers’ decisions to hire or retain individuals should be based on their experience, and not age, hoping to see more companies become “age blind”.

What do you think of the rise in life expectancy and number of healthy years in Singapore? Share your views with us!

Source: “‘Healthy lifespan’ gets longer in Singapore” (The Straits Times, 7 Dec 2015)

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