This is the police report I made on 30 June 2014.
Addresses and name are blanked out until help is rendered:

I wish to make a police report dating back to 1997 when I started to be harassed by a neighbour. 

I bought a resale 3-room flat under the singles scheme and moved in on Nov 30 1996 at Blk 161 Tampines St 12 #​--​-​---​ (521161). 

Two weeks after I moved in, my next door neighbour (#​--​-​---), (I believe his surname is Mr.​ -----​ ) started watching TV in his masterbedroom which was next to my masterbedroom with very loud volume till the wee hours, up to 2am every night. That affected my sleep which was disturbing and I was working then. Mr ​-----​, I understand, was a retiree. 

I waited for 2 months before very politely going over to his flat and explained that his loud TV volume was affecting my sleep. He toned down the TV volume for only 2 weeks. I again very courteously went over and explained that our masterbedrooms were just next to each other and his loud TV volume really affected my sleep. He didn't tone down at all.

I had to call the HDB to ask them to help me with the situation. Perhaps 2 weeks after the HDB officer spoke to Mr ​-----​, I started to get harassed. **** was placed at my corridor window ledge, my weekend car was scratched, the front bumper was dislodged, the paintwork splashed with acid and people started staring at me when I return home from work near the lift. 

I filed a Magistrates' Complaint, but he didn't turn up on the appointed day. 

The harassment went on even after he moved to another estate. I did still see him occasionally at the Tampines MRT though. 

I finally decided to sell my flat in Tampines because of the harassment and moved in with my girlfriend at Blk 116 Hougang Ave 1 #​--​-​----​ (530116) on 19 July 2008. 

Mr. ​-----​ and his friends or hired help followed me and used two flats above me (#​--​-​----​ and #​--​-​----​) to continue to harass me. They got bolder. Besides lots of knocking on their floors and dragging furniture, they sprayed urine, ****, all kinds of chemicals through my main door, windows and even through the pipes that lead to my kitchen sink and bathroom basin. 

I moved again to my girlfriend's sister and brother-in-law's terrace house at ​--​ Jalan Sembilang, Thomson Park (​------​) on 26 Sept 2011. Again they followed and continued to harass me using the two adjacent terrace houses at ​--​ and ​--​ Jalan Sembilang. Not so much noise as we're now on ground floor, but still the same ways spraying all the things mentioned and through windows and pipes. 

I applied for a Balance of Sales HDB Studio Apartment in Nov 2013 as I turned 55 yrs old and finally moved in on 18 June 2014 at Blk 211B Punggol Walk #​--​-​---​ (822211). This is where I am residing now. 

My harassers are now using the flat above me #​--​-​---​ and I believe the flat below me #​--​---- to continue to harass me. They are now spraying the same things mentioned through my main door, hall and bathroom windows and through the pipes connecting to my kitchen sink and bathroom basin and possibly have drilled small tiny holes through my bathroom ceiling to spray things. When I brush teeth or take a shower, I can feel different kinds of sprays, sweet, sour, salty and can be hot like pepper or mild acid. I can even hear a hissing sound (spraying). 

One way to nail them is by checking on their finances, eg bank accounts, big purchases like cars, holidays, etc especially the family who stays at ​--​ Jalan Sembilang. Another way is to thoroughly scrutinize and continue to monitor vigorously the people who stay or are using #​--​-​---​ and #​--​-​---​, ie above and below me until they are caught. 

I respect that you have your own ways of investigation of course and the above are just my own amateurish thoughts. 

What I am saying is that, if you investigate hard enough, you will find evidence and ways to finally find them guilty of harassing or abetting to harass me. 

I am not moving again. If you cannot eventually nab them, I am resigned to their harassment all my life. 

Please help me. 

Thank you.


​I have sought help from:

​The Singapore Police Force
Dr. Janil Puthucheary (meet-the-people session)
Mr. Teo Chee Hean (ex-Minister of Home Affairs)
Mr. Khaw Boom Wan (ex-Minister of National Development)

Mr. K. Shanmugam (Minister of Law and Home Affairs)

Mr. Lawrence Wong (Minister of National Development)

Punggol SEAS RC 

Lee Hsien Loong (Prime Minister) ​​

Despite my frequent emails via Gmail and Facebook seeking help and updates on their investigations, all of the above-mentioned top leaders and SPF have been unable to stop the harassment.

I am hoping that someone or a group of people will be able to do so.​ 

I really hope that the kampong spirit in Singapore exists.​

Please help the top leaders and SPF to fight crime.

Please leave me a message for more information on this case.

Please help. ​

Thank you very much.

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