Lee Kuan Yew Hailed Asian Of The Year

Mr Lee Kuan Yew has been named The ST Asian of the Year with editors of The Straits Times unanimously agreeing that "no other Asian has made such an impact as Mr Lee had this year."

As Singapore’s prime minister for 31 years, Mr Lee’s passing was a reminder of how big a role he played in steering and shaping modern Singapore. He was a visionary and radical thinker, and his views and policies laid the foundation for what Singapore stands for.

"He played key roles in introducing policies and attracting investments that turned Singapore into a modern economic success story. At the forefront of his policies were good governance and clean government, and his belief in a meritocratic, multiracial and multi-religious society. He eschewed ideological positions or political correctness, and said often that he was guided in his political judgments by looking for 'what works'," read the citation bestowing the award to Mr Lee (5 Dec).

Separately, a joint statement issued yesterday (4 Dec) by Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong, his brother Lee Hsien Yang and sister Dr Lee Wei Ling announced that half the value of Mr Lee’s Oxley Road house will be donated to eight charities, honouring his wishes.

The eight charities PM Lee and his brother will make the donations to the Education Fund, the NTUC-U Care Fund and the Garden City Fund, as well as five community self-help groups: the Chinese Development Assistance Council, Mendaki, the Association of Muslim Professionals, Singapore Indian Development Association and the Eurasian Association.

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Source: “ST Asian of the year: Lee Kuan Yew” (Straits Times, 5 December 2015) and “Lee family to donate value of 38, Oxley Rd to eight charities” (Straits Times, 5 December 2015)

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