LTA and Train Operators to work closer together

At the inaugural Joint Forum on Infrastructure Maintenance today (4 Dec), the Land Transport Authority (LTA), PUB, and train operators SMRT and SBS Transit signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)  to cooperate in rail infrastructure design and maintenance.

As part of continued efforts to improve the reliability of Singapore’s rail network, the parties will collaborate in areas like asset management and maintenance, through regular forums, joint courses and attachments.

While the present MoU involves only LTA, PUB and the public transport operators, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said he wants to invite more organisations to join this infrastructure community.

Minister Khaw said at the forum that "creating an excellent rail system requires an integrated approach, from design and construction, right through to actual operations and maintenance". However, he noted that our current model separates the designer and builder, LTA, from the maintainer and operator, SMRT and SBST.
He acknowledged the difficulty in changing the model of the rail system overnight, although for the future MRT line there is “the opportunity to shape the way we do things”. For this reason, he has instructed LTA to build up its engineering team, adding that LTA must be able “to take on operations and maintenance, if we decide to move in that direction".

What are your thoughts on the MoU to sustain improvements to our rail system? Share your thoughts with us!

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