Tap in Twice at Two New Interchange Stations

For the first time in Singapore’s rail network system, commuters will have to exit and re-enter at fare gates – at two interchange stations on the upcoming Downtown Line 2 (DTL2): Newton MRT and Bukit Panjang stations. 

As long as the transfer is made within 15 minutes, commuters will be only charged for a single journey. At Newton MRT station, it is a 24-hour, 56m long public underpass between Lines, while at Bukit Panjang LRT, commuters can either choose to walk the 200m gap via a covered walkway, or a newly built link bridge.

Commuters said that it is a minor hassle which outweighs the convenience of being able to access another MRT line and go to more places.  

What do you think of this new development in our railway system?

Source: “Exit and re-enter on two DTL2 transfers” (The Straits Times, 2 Dec 2015)

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