Tower Transit Bus Technicians to Get Tablets

Anglo-Australian firm Tower Transit, Singapore’s third bus operator, will be equipping   bus technicians with tablets to minimise chances of error in its maintenance regime.

With the tablets, technicians can input inspection and maintenance data directly to a fleet management system.

Tower Transit, which won a five-year government contract in May to run 26 bus services in the western part of the island, will start operations progressively from the second quarter of next year.

There are about 500 staff working for incumbent operators SBS Transit and SMRT and whose routes will be taken over by Tower Transit. They have all been offered contracts and have until the end of the year to accept .

Under a tripartite agreement, these employees can choose to either join Tower Transit or be redeployed with their current employers, where possible

Source: “Tower Transit vehicle technicians to get tablets” (The Straits Times, 1 Dec 2015)

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