Inaccurate representation of foreigners' employment situation by MediaCorp

I refer to the channel 8 TV programme: Leave it All to me where one of the hosts will work in the place of a foreign worker for one day.

I feel the purpose of the show is to inform viewers of the jobs that foreign workers are taking up, which are not appealing and tiring, and how they have left their families back home to give them a better life.

While this show gives a glimpse of the unappealing jobs taken up by foreign workers, their sacrifices and they leaving their families to provide them with a better live, I feel this show does not represent a full picture of the employment of foreigners, permanent residents and citizens here.

Given that foreigners, and permanent residents too, are found in various levels of professional jobs, the show seems to give a wrong impression to viewers that all foreigners are coming here to work in jobs that locals shunned.

Secondly, the show did not report the proportion of locals in these jobs that these foreign workers are taking up, creating a wrong impression that these jobs are totally shunned by locals.

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