WITHDRAWAL OF OUR FUNDS - I did many read up on CPF and was shocked to learn that we cannot withdraw all our funds when we retire. We will only be receiving a capped lump sum and a fixed monthly payouts, nothing more or less.

This is ridiculous coz it's our money earned with many hard work since young till now, so why we are not able to withdraw all or if not half of the amount from our RA account once we retired and a RA account already set up?

Why only when we die then the funds will be unlocked to my selected nominees. So I have to be really carefully as who my nominees are coz this selected person will be the one enjoying my hard earned money, my entire life's savings and me the rightful owner of those funds will not be able to use it, to pursue our lifelong dream's or go for a long overdue vacation. MAY ANY KIND SOUL OUT THERE PLEASE DO EXPLAIN THE LOGIC OF THE SITUATION?? 

Right from the begining, we should be consulted as to how CPF money should be alloted and not just the government to decide coz we are the the owner to all those funds that are sittting with CPF right now. Just imagine how frustrated and angry that after all the hard work you have done for your entire life thinking that the more you have in your CPF then it should be a rest assured case that we can retire graciously but this is not so??? 

TO HAVE MORE FLEXIBILITY - LUMP SUM WITHDRAWAL - I was really very happy to read that CPFB has elected a panel of professionals to look into adjusting our CPF schemes as times are very different now and this panel will have to engage and gather more feedbacks from the public in order to fine tuned the existing schemes. 

As right now we will have 3 choices of MS to choose from and I'm only interested in one of them. The one with your MS at S $80,500 and the balance will be from property pledge to make up the total of S$161,000 the official MS amount. So I called to check further and again I was very upset and disappointed by what I was being told. 

This will only apply to those normal retirement group (the "NRG) - withdrawal upon reaching 55 years old.. As I belonged to the abnormal retirement group (the "ARG") - withdrawal under medical grounds. Why make things so complicated as whichever group we maybe in, at the end of the day we are officially declared as RETIRED WITH RA ACCOUNT SET UP IN OUR CPF account?? 

In fact if you were to take a closer look at the groups, you may realised that ARG should be the group that needs these flexibilities for withdrawal of their funds as opposed to the NRG. Coz the ARG are officially certified by their doctors they are unfit to work anymore and as time goes by their health condition will worsen. As they not able to work anymore so no fixed monthly income but only a small monthly payouts from their RA account, so how do you think we are able to cope with all those monthly household expenses and also medical expenses??

As to the NRG, should they feel that the monthly payout from CPF are not enough to cover their expenses and others, then they can go back to the workforce anytime they want right? So as you can see which group needs more flexibilities in withdrawal of their CPF funds? To be fair, as long as you have a RA ACCOUNT set up, you are official considered as Retired so why do you have to complicate matters further by segregating them into normal or abnormal retirements. They are the same at the end of the day as they are retired. PLEASE DO CONSIDER TO INCLUDE US THE ARG & NOT TO HAVE ANY DIFFERENT TREATMENT BETWEEN THE GROUPS, PLEASE???

MY SAD STORY - Sad to say that I'm under the ARG and I'm facing some serious financial difficulties right now with a pile of long overdue monthly expenses to pay, helper'''s monthly salary and levy, medical bills and many more. As I have health problem with doctor certification that I'm unfit to work, so no fixed monthly income just mthly payouts from CPFB of $540.00b is it enough? 

Didn't go for social help cozI still have CPF funds and a property fully paid, so why go for social help where I can tap on my own? If only CPFB will be flexible to my request then all will be's my money that I'm asking, why I'm not allowed to draw? Not enough for future payout, but if no settle now, then no future? Health conditions worsen due to tremendous stress. 


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