Traffic Jams Daily at Spore 2 CIQs

Air Pollution Traffic Jams Daily at Singapore CIQs (and not proud of it)

Air pollution of carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, .... by long lines of commercial vehicles and passenger cars in traffic jams at Spore CIQs daily due to lack of manpower manning the booths. Low productivity which must be address. Too many officers on the roads waving at vehicles. 

For example 25Nov 9am I was in a jam at the Tuas CIQ for 1hr 15min even though the lines of cars were not that long. 

Let's find a solution (increase manpower during peak periods like school and public holidays) to reduce this wastage of fuel,time and air pollution!

What will our tourists say when they see there is almost no jam at Johor CIQs nowadays?

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