Four ex-Singapore Power staff charged with corruption in relation to China Construction South Pacific

Four Singapore Power staff are charged for accepting gratification for “not creating difficulties” for China Construction South Pacific. (26th Nov 2015, Today online)

It will be good for the person giving bribe to be charged, and the company which is the "beneficiary" of the bribe to assist in investigation in for other possible cases of bribery in relation to it. The company should be blacklisted and not be allowed to do projects for the public sector, if employers are found to have a habit of using bribes to facilitate work. 

The incident reflects badly not only on Singapore Power but also on China Construction which is involved as the "beneficiary" of the bribe. While we do not know if this is just a one-off incident involving bribes given in relation to China Construction South Pacific, we do not want to work with a company if such cases were to be more than occasional.

Incidents of bribe to facilitate public projects may compromise standards of the work done, and such matters can involve public safety if the issue is an engineering one.

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