Sharing of Footpaths and Roads

A month-long survey by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) revealed that nearly 6 in 10 (55%) of the 5,000 survey respondents were willing to share footpaths with bicycles and other non-electric personal mobility devices.

However, only 3 in 10 (34%) were willing to do so for motorised personal mobility devices.

Those surveyed also suggested several ideas including making it a must for cyclists to slow down when approaching pedestrians and imposing speed limits.
As for motorists, the survey found that about half (53%) were willing to share roads with cyclists, while a third (32%) were not.

The findings of the survey and ongoing focus group discussions will be reviewed by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel tasked to come up with a set of rules to help govern the use of mobility devices. The recommendations are expected to be released in the second quarter of next year.

Chairman of the Advisory Panel, Association Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, who is also Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Social and Family Development, said that the panel’s recommendations will take a “balanced approach” to meet the different needs of road and footpath users.

Any suggestions on how we can make our footpaths and roads safer for all users? Share with us!

Source: “Sharing footpaths: Most OK with bicycles, but not e-bikes” (The Straits Times, 25 November 2015)
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