Motorised Bikers Face Stiffer Penalties

Errant riders and retailers found using and selling non-compliant motorised bikes will face stiffer penalties with immediate effect said the Land Transport Authority yesterday (19 Nov).

These harsher penalties were introduced following a rise in the number of summons issued for use or sale of illegal motorised bikes from 11 in 2008 to 1,280 by Oct this year.

The fine for a first-time offence by errant riders has trebled to $300, and is $500 for repeat offenders. Repeat offenders may also be charged in court and have their bikes seized. Retailers found selling or modifying bikes illegally will continue to be charged in court.

LTA noted that it is also considering legislative amendments “to further increase the penalties”. This, is in light of the “significant safety concerns” such bikes pose.

From 1 December, new motorised bicycles must meet the European Standard EN15194 that is adopted by 33 countries across Europe and in Australia. Other restrictions include the bikes not weighing more than 20 kilograms, their top speed being capped at 25 kilometres per hour and they run on electric motors alone.

Bike retailers may submit their applications to LTA authorised vehicle inspection centres for type approval of models that meet these restrictions. Prominent orange seals will be affixed on bikes that pass the inspections.

Will these new rules make our roads safer for all users? What are your views?

Source: “LTA Clamps down on motorised bikes” (The Straits Times, 20 November 2015)

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