Water is precious, every drop counts.

Water is precious,  every drop counts. I have encountered countless of times,  water leaking at urinal points, water leaking at taps and tap left running at full strength. 

All those leakages when added up over a period of time,  will become a very large quantity. As for those tap that are left running in full strength,  the amount of water wasted will be even greater, over a period of time. 

Won't be too surprised, if all these wastage adds up to a few Olympics swimming pools. 

I would like to suggest that,  all public areas, all tap should be having sensor type or those type that will cut off the water a while after we released the tap plunger

Those tap that needs to be turn off manually,  should never be approved in public area, so as to avoid having tap, left running.

All leaky water pipes or taps are to be replaced, as soon as possible. So that we can minimise unnecessary wastage of water. 

Hopefully, with these two suggestions,  we will see less drinking water being wasted. 

One more high wastage of water, is block cleaning carried out by cleaners. 

They are spraying high pressure jets water over a long period and over many blocks. Guess the amount of water wasted are filling up many Olympic size swimming pools.  There must be a better way to clean our estate.

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