Sexual harassment acts committed by Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council cleaner

Premeditated sexual acts committed by Town Council's cleaners with the intent to provoke, cause alarm and annoyance to residents were captured by my camera. Their antics are not a one-off. Time and again, they continue to harass me and the Town Council was informed, but no actions were taken or apologies demanded by me taken seriously. What more, I was discredited all the way-that's why I have no choice but to resort to posting this online in the hope that it will be handled appropriately and professionally. The only action taken by them thus far is to keep insisting me to remove my camera installed by sending me a Notice Of Composition and threats of court summons when there are multiple estate issues brought up by me with supportive evidence that are hitherto unresolved by the various agencies involved. I will only remove my camera when this pile-up of issues are resolved appropriately. My camera is there to collect evidence to support my claims and also to protect my family and to maintain some peace. Hard-handling on the ground is not a good problem-solving method when it comes to estate matters. Tactfulness should be exercised, especially if lapses and poor handling are proven. Resorting to a public trial should not be the only option and norm just to iron things out. I'm not for it actually. Hope things can be resolved amicably soon.

Video footage of the incidents mentioned can be watched at the links below.

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