The Chinese translation of ASEAN in Singpore Chinese papers

Singapore's Chinese newspapers have been following the lead of China to translate ASEAN to 东盟 (EASTERN ALLIANCE). The transliterated version, which had been THE version (or could be said the "official" version) is still sometimes being used in our Chinese newspapers, but now together with "Eastern Alliance". I would suggest that keeping to the "official" or earliest version is a wiser way, as the term Eastern Alliance casts a false impression on ASEAN. Firstly, it is not an ALLIANCE but an "ASSOCIATION". Secondly, it is wrongly put as "Eastern", as it is in fact "South-East" Asian. The difference between the two is clear: China (or Russia) should be the leader of this association (both communists countries), since either country is bigger and more powerful than the present the 10 member nations here. A search on the internet indicates that invented term came initiated from China and Hong Kong press. And it is the official term used by China. Though it is not totally clear why such a name "Eastern" Alliance was preferred than Association "South-East" Asian nations. But it can be part of the subtle propaganda to include China, and allow it to play a bigger or even a central role in decision making in this "Eastern Alliance" in the future.

Another erroneous term is used to refer to the ASEAN economy community by China: "Eastern Association community" (东协共同体). While this term is more accurate in the sense that it is not referred to as an "alliance", rather it is accurately an "association", it is still inaccurate because it gives the community a wider boundary: Eastern, which would include China naturally.

A name frequently used would ingrain a notion in the minds of a community in contact of it. Such a method can be used as  a technique of implantation of propaganda, if any were actually intended by the source of the erroneous name.

 Singapore's Chinese newspaper should standardize the Chinese translation for ASEAN and use the original transliterated name, 亚细安 (ya xi an), so as not to erroneous represent the nature of the community. 

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