Be Mentally Prepared to Deal With Terror Attacks

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long warned Singaporeans that the violence wrought on Paris on 13 November could happen in Singapore, and highlighted the need to be psychologically prepared for it. He was speaking to Singapore reporters at the end of the Group of 20 (G-20) Summit on 16 November. Terrorism, including tackling the growing flow of foreign fighters into the ranks of ISIS, was a key topic discussed at the Summit.

"We are in the middle of a region (where) ISIS is active," PM Lee said, referring to terror group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Some 700 South-east Asians, including some Singaporeans, have gone to the Middle East to join ISIS.

He added that the actions of ISIS were a "completely perverted and wrong interpretation" of Islam. "The reality is the majority of Muslims do not subscribe to this. Religious leaders in Singapore, particularly Muslim religious leaders, have come out very clearly and firmly to condemn ISIS and this perverted interpretation and inhumane practice."

PM Lee also cited three lines of action that Singapore is taking in the fight against terrorism.

First, Singapore has to ensure its people understand the issue and maintain cohesion and trust. "There is a clear stand taken that this is... against Islam, against Singapore's interest, against social harmony."

Second, Singapore tries its best to ensure that nothing untoward happens in the country, as one failure would mean a disastrous incident.

Third, it is helping in the fight against ISIS by joining the global coalition to fight the terror group. "We are already being targeted and we have to stand up and participate and help in the effort to tackle the problem," he added.

Source: "Be mentally prepared to deal with terror attack if it happens: PM Lee "(The Straits Times, 16 Nov 2015)

Photo Credit : Singapore Press Holdings Ltd

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