New Bus Interchanges to Have Priority Queues

Be it waiting for a bus or crossing the road, seniors and people with mobility needs will soon receive more help getting around. 

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be rolling out priority queues at all new bus interchanges and integrated transport hubs. This will allow the elderly, pregnant women and those with disabilities to wait in designated areas near the boarding berths, known as priority queue zones.

The first integrated transport hub fitted with priority queue zones is the Joo Koon hub, which starts operating this Saturday (21 Nov). The zones will have seats and tactile paving to help the visually-impaired locate them. Signs have also been put up to encourage commuters to give way to those in the priority zone.

Plans are also underway to improve directional signs at public transport nodes through simplifying information on them and exploring the use of pictograms or icons.

Meanwhile, more elderly people will benefit from the Green Man Plus scheme launched in 2009. The scheme enables seniors and people with mobility needs extend the green-man time at crossings by tapping their concession cards on readers fitted on traffic light poles.

A $6.9 million contract has been awarded to expand the scheme to another 500 crossings islandwide, which will double the more than 500 existing ones. The project is expected to be completed in 2018.

How else can commuting be made easier and safer for those with mobility needs? Share your thoughts with us! 

Source: “Priority queues at new bus interchanges in Singapore” (The Straits Times, 16 Nov 2015)

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