New SMRT Ops Centre To Improve Train Reliability

Commuters could expect to see better recovery efforts amidst train disruptions with the launch of SMRT’s $5m integrated maintenance operations centre (MOC) currently housed at Bishan Depot. 

The new centre will improve both the timeliness and quality of emergency maintenance response, and SMRT hopes to reduce its response times by about 30 per cent.   

"We're working hard on all fronts and are determined to bring about a level of reliability and service excellence for commuters that is in keeping with the best in class in the world," said SMRT chief executive Desmond Kuek.

The centre will be equipped with a map of train locations and a wireless trains information management system which will allow staff to tap into black box footage on trains and have greater visibility of happenings on the ground. This allows for swifter identification of problems and speedier decision-making.

Furthermore, a new staff deployment system, which can track the movement of workers, will also provide the MOC with a clearer idea of staff availability and proximity to the incident site. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology will be used to track spare trains, which will be deployed where necessary.

The centre currently monitors only the East-West and North- South lines, but will soon monitor the Circle Line as well. It will move from Bishan Depot to Kim Chuan Depot, along with SMRT's operations control centre - which oversees the running of the entire train network - from 2017. The Bishan site will remain as a backup.

Looking forward to better a commuting experience with SMRT’s new measures? What are your views? 

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Source: “New ops centre to help SMRT cut response time” (Straits Times, 13 November 2015) and “SMRT opens S$5m centre to better respond to train disruptions” (TODAY, 13 November 2015)

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