Walk the Talk By Dr Chee

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chief Chee Soon Juan began a four-day-long walk around the island on Thursday (Nov 12) morning at Hong Lim Park.  Titled Walk The Talk, the 140km-long walkabout aims to raise funds for the party as well as raise public awareness of it.

"We're trying to raise funds for the programs we'll undertake over the next four, five years until the next GE, including training our potential candidates... and this is one way of doing it. And it's something that hopefully catches the attention of the public," said Dr Chee, who is secretary-general of the SDP.


I salute Dr Chee as he tries to move from confrontational to constructive politics.

I see SDP being the new upcoming opposition party which can give WP a fight.  I am disappointed with WP over its AHPETC town council fund issues.

I wonder why there is silence from the opposition parties after the general election.  Is it because of the government controlled media?  Opposition party members should continue to walk the ground and not to wait until the next general election.

This Walk the Talk is a good start.

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