Dispensing of medication from Polyclinics after hospitalisation.

My mother had an episode of hospitalisation after admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital via A & E. After the many rounds of investigation, she was about to be discharged from the hospital. Unsure of how much medication was enough for the doctor to prescribe, he advised my mum to purchase from the polyclinic if required.

However, approaching the Polyclinic in the East, she was asked to go back to either Tan Tock Seng or any Polyclinics in the West! This is due to the licensing administration matters or something about clustering the West/East Region of Singapore...??? As an elderly how can this be, she is still a Singapore patient. She is still paying for the medication and all records and database is still under her IC No. This is because of the rigidness of the Government Administration that they have no heart for a sick elderly to go East or West to look for her medication.

We are ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION ONE SINGAPORE does that means that on emergency,people stay in the East must go to hospital in the East? Why is the clustering/ licensing etc matters deter the patient to collect their medication?

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