Elderly Cobbler Asked to Vacate Stall in Katong Plaza

An elderly cobbler who has been caring for his stroke-stricken wife has been asked to vacate his work space at Katong Plaza after a drunkard was found sleeping outside his stall.

The management of Katong Plaza has issued Mr Ng Ah Bah a letter and given him two weeks to leave the premises, reported Lianhe Wanbao. Friends and customers of the cobbler feel that the mall's action is unjust and that he should not have to leave.It is unclear who the the drunk man was and there has been no news of him since.

I read with disappointment the above news.  Where is the graciousness and compassion that the government is trying to inculcate?  It may be true that Mr Ng know this drunkard but instead of approaching this drunk man, Mr Ng was faulted by the plaza's manangement.  Social help and counselling should be given to this drunkard instead.

I sincerely hope the management of Katong Plaza can give Mr Ng a second chance else I will show my protest by refraining to visit Katong Plaza for the next 2 years.

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