Imposing a Traffic Fine Without Investigation

I recently bumped into a car along PIE

As there were no injuries by either parties .. I did not make a police report as there was no requirement to do so

A few weeks later, I received a letter from the Traffic Police that I failed to make a Police report.  I went to a nearby Police Post to lodge despite the fact I am not required. I later found out that my other party is claiming certain damages which require a police report.

After about two months later, I received a FINES summon from the Traffic Police for this accident

It appeared that the Traffic Police just based on the reports by me and the other party without even calling me up for a interview/investigation

I wrote in to APPEAL and again with the courtesy to talk to me .. my appeal was rejected.

I went to see my MP and sought his assistance - he wrote in 2 weeks before the expiry to last day of the payment of the fine .. I just received a reject letter from the Traffic Police at 5 pm on this last day of payment

I am very disappointed with the manner the Traffic police dealt with this case of mine.

How can just passed a "judgement" based on 2 written reports submitted by me and the other party.

If my other party did not lodge report .. there will not be any reports made and I will NOT be made to pay a fine!!!

Lastly, the arrogance and the high handedness of the TRAFFIC POLICE of not talking to me is only deplorable .. also .. sending a last minute REJECT letter on the last day of the fines payment is certainly ridiculous and certainly disrespectful to the  MP who wrote in to appeal on my behalf

How can the TRAFFIC POLICE behave in such a manner .. treating ordinary citizenry like me as "DIRT" and showing total regard to the efforts made by my MP

Time to wake up TRAFFIC PLOCE - how can you expect us to trust YOU if YOU are behaving in such a manner


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