Going Back to the Past to Look into the Future

When Mr Gene Tan was appointed creative director of The Future Of Us exhibition, one of the first things he did  was to pour through history books to examine the past.  He was struck by how nations today are created "precariously" from decisions made in the past. 

This  premise became the  creative inspiration behind The Future of Us exhibition.    The exhibition  encourages the audience to think about their actions and decisions, and what they could do to contribute to Singapore's future. The show consolidates the Government's plans, the research of agencies and institutes, as well as the ideas of ordinary people, and is retold as stories and scenarios in everyday life in the year 2030 and beyond

Mr Tan said  Singapore’s future is shown through four ordinary Singaporean characters who go through their everyday lives.  Their respective life journeys show how  each are making decisions about their future and ultimately, Singapore’s own future. 

What to expect at the Future of Us Exhibition

How do you think your actions and decisions will contribute to Singapore’s Future?

Source: “The Future Of Us exhibition: Going back to the past to look into the future” (The Straits Times, 9 Nov 2015)

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