Mentorship Programme to Boost Firms' Productivity

Singapore faces the challenges of a tight labour market and an ageing population. As such, the ability to be productive and adaptable is critical for its economic competitiveness, said Minister of State for Manpower Mr Teo Ser Luck at the launch of the Mentorship for Accelerating Productivity (MAP) programme on 5 Nov.

The programme, jointly developed by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), aims to boost productivity and innovation in firms in Singapore. It will get industry advisers to provide guidance on raising awareness of productivity, identifying enterprise productivity gaps and helping to groom in-house productivity champions.

MAP is an enhancement of the previous Empowering Efficiency and Excellence (3E) programme designed for companies to embark on productivity projects to reduce manpower needs, minimise processing errors, boost productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.

WDA has set aside over $1 million to train up to 300 in-house productivity champions from 60 companies under MAP.

Sources: “Mentorship programme to help get firms in Singapore on the productivity track” (The Straits Times, 6 Nov 2015) and “S$1m programme to boost S’pore SME productivity” (TODAY, 6 Nov 2015)

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