Did you know? NEA gastronomy license ($) over their grading (A,B,C,D)

As I'm a bit picky when it comes to food: I tryed my best to understand this issue. Why is a Singaporean Restaurant able to operate with a valid license ($ required to open) but their grading is not ready on the same day (no money required, but a good indicator for consumers)?

Before I write something here at REACH, I try to do my homework and I tried to understand the issue only on how NEA handles this with Vegetarian or now since im Vegan with Vegan restaurants. I wrote more than 10 e-mails back and forth to understand and also suggest NEA to change this "consumer problem".
Here is the latest reply by:
Executive • Policy & Planning • Food and Environmental Hygiene Department • National Environment Agency

"As mentioned in my earlier replies to you, the grading system for eating establishments and food stalls is a structured system of appraisal for food outlets to motivate licensees to improve and maintain good personal and food hygiene, and housekeeping of their premises. We would like to reiterate that for all new premises, NEA will monitor the cleanliness of the premises and conduct hygiene grading assessment shortly after commencement of operations to better reflect the condition of the premises."

As mentioned (but ignored) earlier in my replies:

a) I understand what you are doing (taking $ for a license), but not grading the place from day zero (bring no $)

b) Why in the view of a consumer, is NEA not able to provide grading (A,B,C,D) from day zero? Before I as a consumer have to go into that place and have no idea (because there is no A,B,C,D sign?

I might just write to the wrong person. Thanks.

Have a good day!

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