5 Days of Clear Skies in Singapore

Singapore is enjoying its longest stretch of clear skies in almost two months since the start of the haze crisis.

For the past five days, the 24-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) has remained in the moderate range of 51 to 100. The Meteorological Service Singapore said the recent increase in rain has helped to ease the haze situation in the region, which could further improve conditions in the coming months.

For today (3 Nov), the National Environment Agency said that the prevailing winds are forecast to be weak and variable in direction . Thundery showers are forecast for Singapore in the afternoon, and visibility is expected to be in the normal range. The air quality is expected to again be in the moderate range.

The local authorities, however, were cautious about calling this the end of the crisis, as Indonesia is still within a dry-season cycle. This poses a risk of hot spots re-emerging when the rain stops.

With the clear skies now, will you be spending more time outdoors? Share with us some of the activities you have planned!

Source: Clear skies: 5 days and counting (The Straits Times, 3 Nov 2015)

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