Priortize and focus on the essentials

Singapore is gearing up as a SMART nation. The more we rely on technologies to reap gains in interconnectedness the more prepared we have to be without electricity in times of stability, for cyber war. Is the nation and businesses able to preempt break-ins into the computer systems? The more information we make available and the more controls we can effect through technologies, the more vulnerable we are once the systems are hijacked. Let's us not think big more than we can build a strong foundation, and cohort of able organizations and skills to protect this SMART system.

GROW FOOD. As the situation in South China Sea may turn sour, and when relations with neighbours have ups and downs, and when our neighbours may change when political parties change, we need to build up higher self-reliance on food production. SE Asia has not be so fragile since there few decades. Political systems are being tested for their stability and international relations are not as cordial when spats take place over haze. There is less respect shown to one another than in the past. We have also the ISIS problem at our doorstep waiting to grow. The nations around us are not strongly immune to these threats, neither are we as a result.

Singapore may face a siege situation when food transportation is affected, or prices soar out of control. It is never too early to consider and start building up our local fresh produce food supply. One cannot live on stockpile of processed food for long, as it is revealed that these are carcinogenic.

There is a saying goes: “It is too late to sharpen the sword at the front line. Planting when hungry. Digging a well when thirsty” ( 临阵磨刀晚。临饥植苗。临渴掘井)。

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