Facebook security for all citizens

Facebook has been a global phenomenon where everyone gets to interact, create and maintain social circles with ease. The increasing trend in cyber crimes is reason I feel Facebook has the responsibility to work with Governments like Singapore or vice versa to tackle online security issues such as the one I just read; 


Facebook does help release information user accounts with which criminals has used.

I think that since Singapore is moving to a first-in-class country with islandwide broadband capability, security in this aspect must also keep improving. 

How possible is it for Facebook to allow tagging of identification card (IC) numbers to facebook accounts? When users do so, a small icon may be on display beside a user's profile photo indicating that this person is legit and is not a temporary account used with criminal intent. 

It allows everyone to easily identify characters we need to be extra careful with. 

Personal information such as address, full name, need not be displayed. 

This I think is a big step to ensuring online security. Only individuals with no criminal intent would not mind inputting their IC numbers to participate in the fight against cyber crime. For sure, this added feature of facebook has to be encrypted only by the government, not facebook. Cyber hackers must also not figure out a way to duplicate this icon display. 

It may be the most practical way to educate our children since a very young age, but I think it would be such a great governmental intervention to ensure security for everyone. At any stage of a person's life can a turn of bad experience render someone vulnerable to cyber crimes. 

I may not be a computer expert, but if something as big as Facebook can be invented, why not a special security feature?

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