Construction noise

Dear Reach,

On 30th Oct 2015, the residents of Blk 1 and 2 of Tanjong Pagar Plaza were affected by the construction noise at the nearby construction site along Kee Seng Street. Thought the developer, V3 construction Pte Ltd has pasted notice at the lift area to notify the affected residents about construction noise, I understand that under the current environmental regulations, they are not allow to create noise level beyond 55 decibels after 7pm, given the proximity the construction site is to the affected blocks. In addition, at level 3 of mentioned Blk 1, there is a home for the aged. I have feedback the above issue to NEA but it seems that nothing was done on that day to stop the construction noise which ended about 1am, 31st Oct 2015.

By pasting the notice of construction work at the residents' lift area, informing the residents that there will be work to be carried out late into the night, does it mean that the developer can "legally" work late into the permissible hours, and to create the undesirable construction noise in the process?

Best regards

Joseph Ting

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