Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council Cleaner caught on camera committing high-rise littering

The Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council was informed of the worker's misconduct caught on film doing high-rise littering from the 17th floor when there's a common chute just a few steps away. However, they chose not to believe it or verify the footage with me. Instead, it was swept under the carpet and discredited. Many a times, during washing, they would just clear rubbish from the galley traps and fling it over the parapet railings. Imagine them doing this to clear each and every galley trap in the whole block. How can they be cleaning and littering at the same time? High-rise littering is unacceptable as it contradicts the NEA's zero-tolerance policy towards high-rise littering. To upload this online is my last option, not first as I think it needs some airing and I have exhausted all avenues to let them address this issue appropriately. Furthermore, I do have another footage of the cleaner raising his voice to harass me for no apparent reason outside my unit even when my door was closed and it's clear that it was directed at my unit. A Police report was filed for harassment and footage submitted to them when the Town Council did nothing to address this issue when informed prior to my police report. They chose to discredit facts instead of seeking truth and verification. This is poor handling of estate matters. Like what MP Ms. Lee Bee Wah says, maybe whistle-blowers should get half the fine as a reward. I hope they will stop discrediting me after this upload and airing. Lapses are tolerable, but not encouraged. However, this lapse was made known to the Town Council and yet they chose to do nothing to address it appropriately. I was shocked upon hearing from SPO Mr Tan Chye Seng that he had no control over the workers when I voiced my concern. Instead, I was told by him that all these were claims and to go ahead to ask the NEA to give a fine. This is very unbecoming and callous of him. Hope this matter will be looked into seriously and not conveniently swept under the rug, filed away as a 'neighbours' dispute' and eventually lost. Last but not least, as a resident, I feel that handling of estate matters have to be fine-tuned and evolved in order to better address residents' concerns with more tact and competency, especially in our more knowledgeable and demanding world.

The video footage can be viewed at

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