Innovation: an collaborative effort

As a person who knows nothing about building gadgets, but with ideas about inventions that can make life easier, I wish that there are workshops where I can go and order custom-made gadgets. It may be a viable business concept (or a government effort) to start a user-friendly workshop where products can be build by people who have some ability to DIY, and expertise to guide the process, and as well as staffing to ensure safety in operating machines. 

At a business level, there may be firms who need to translate their concepts into reality buy building inventions suited for their needs. If there are resource centres related to different industries to help build or to provide links to resources available locally or internationally, the Singapore inventive spirit can have an outlet. New concepts on products can help revive the manufacturing sector, which is in the doldrums.

Many people do have wish lists for products that can improve their lives, while many businesses are lack of ideas on how to innovate and develop new product lines. And shops are lack of creativity and do not know the needs of their customers. If there is a website that can allow the public to pose their wishlists and where Singapore businesses and inventors can tap for ideas or respond to the needs, that would channels ideas for building products.

Collaboration between businesses and touching base with consumers is the way to build better products, and services.

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