MCE high ERP Charges & Jam at MCE towards ECP Road

Issue 1 -

Can I understand why the MCE ERP charges is at the most expensive $3 during 730am (Westbound before exit t Maxwell Road) and 635pm (Eastbound before exit to Central Boulevard)?

The government keep advocating to people to have work life balance and focus on family bonding but on the other hand, our ERP charges is charging $3 at 730am and 630pm.

I am a working parent living at the east who has to fetch my 3yr old kid to childcare everyday at 7am and then have to race against time to cross MCE ERP before 730am. The childcare only opens at 7am and it will take around half an hr from the childcare to reach the MCE ERP gantry.

During the evening, I knock-off at 6pm and have to rush to pick my kid before the childcare closed at 7pm. I will take around half an hr to reach the MCE ERP gantry from my workplace.

I understand the initial objective of having ERP gantries is to reduce traffic jam on that stretch of road but now it seems like this objective is not effective as the traffic flow during the MCE at 730am and 630pm is still high as that's the timing where every people go home to pick their kids or have dinner with their family.

Issue 2 -

Everyday, when I am travelling back from town towards east, I will travel by ECP thru MCE. There is always a bottom neck at the traffic flow exiting Fort road/ECP. I would suggest LTA to limit those heavy vehicles/Private buses to use MCE during peak hr (6-7pm) so as to reduce the traffic congesting along his stretch of road. And it's very frustrating to be stuck in the jam even though 635-655pm is the highest ERP charges at $3.

So I do hope the relevant agencies can look into these 2x issues and I believed this is also most of those issues faced by the people living in the east.

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