Less travel, less transport woes

If the general population can be encouraged ( or discourage by spending an average of 2 waking hours a day for commuting because there is a MRT station within 8 minutes' walk from anywhere, a bus stop every 500m for every one) to travel less every single day, be it students, workers , basically anyone leaving their abode going somewhere else and later returning; then our island's rails, buses, roads & footpaths will be less crowded and therefore "better".

Ideally, you should be born in your neighbourhood hospital, go to your neighbourhood school, be employed and in your district, seek medical services from your community hospital when ill, retire & enjoy your coffee or tea in your neighbourhood coffeshop and lastly when you pass on, be place in a niche in your neighbourhood columbarium, best if all this while having little or no interactions with others living in other parts of this island.

If you cannot afford private property and live in HDB flat, you can apply to change location once every 5 years should you wish to... T&C apply. 

Money talks; price differentiation is the key (whether it is in hard $ or time), just like airlines; demarcating the different classes of service with different prices (objective: to keep out the masses)...

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