In 2009, CHC was pulling a congregation of 23,565, according to figures from its annual reports.

That figure has been dwindling since, dropping to 17,522 last year - a decrease of more than 25 per cent from 2009.

Civil servant Melvin Lee, who left in 2013, pointed to inconsistencies between the court evidence and what was told to members in church. Kong "had told us that no church funds were used in the project, but it seems like church funds were in fact used", said the 27-year-old, who joined in 2003. "That's when I... decided to leave."


From the dwindling figures of CHC membership, we can conclude that majority of the people place transparency and integrity as an important factor.

As I had mentioned in one of my earlier post, transparency and integrity may have also played an important role for the huge swing towards PAP in this year's election.

As from the AHPETC saga, I am totally disappointed by the way WP handled the issue.  WP seems like lining the pockets of their own members from the town council funds.  If WP, being the largest and most abled opposition party is not abled to handle their accounts properly, there is no need to talk about the other smaller opposition parties.  This is the main reason why I had lost faith in all the opposition parties.

The above is just my personal opinion.  Since there is a committee being set up to investigate this swing, we shall await their results.

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