LTA - One-stop app to make commuting easier

Caught on a rainy day with no sheltered pathway in sight? With the new app that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is planning to develop, commuters will soon be able know the fastest route to their destination, the route with the highest number of sheltered pathways and the most convenient route to take.

Commuters will be able to do pre-trip and en route planning with real time information, and get information on the duration as well as fares of trips.

LTA hopes to address the needs of the different types of commuters by drawing on all available options, from buses, trains, and even extending to walking and cycling — with the ultimate aim of encouraging more people to take public transport. 

Interested app developers should submit their proposal to the LTA by Nov 30. The CFC exercise is expected to conclude in the first quarter of 2016.

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What route planning information would you like to have with LTA’s enhanced public transport app?

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