Free WIFI at MRT Stations and Bus Interchanges

As part of the Land Transport Masterplan 2013 initiatives to provide better service on the public transport network, free WiFi access will be made available at 28 MRT station platforms on the North East Line and stations with high commuter usage, enabling commuters to stay connected wirelessly as they wait for trains.


I find that it is pretty meaningless to implement this scheme.  If LTA has money then why not spend it to increase 4G coverage, speed and reliability.  Or build the infrastructure for the next generation 5G networks?

First, most commuters use only handphones at the MRT stations or bus interchanges and most of them have bundled data plans with the telcos.  These commuters will spend at most 10 to 20 minutes waiting for their train or bus.  How much 4G data usage can they save for this 10 to 20 minutes?  Even for those without data plans, they will only be connected for 10 to 20 minutes, how convenient is this?  Is LTA indirectly encouraging commuters to stay longer at the train stations or bus interchanges by offering free WIFI?

Secondly, most of us use WIFI only for laptops or tablets.  You can hardly see anyone surfing the net using laptops or even tablets at the train stations and interchanges.  Does LTA also intends to provide chairs and tables to facilitate laptop usage?

I remember in the  past I used to see TV mobile screens on the buses.  What happens to them now?  Is it money spent wisely, I don't know.

If the government wants to increase free WIFI coverage, please do so near my house so that I don't have to spend money on a fibre broadband plan.

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