Seed Funding Ecosystem is working in Singapore

The Singapore Seed Funding ecosystem is working because it reduce the uncertainties for investors and entrepreneurs to create a project. With NRF and PMO taking the lead to set the conditions for seed valuation, it sets a clear expectation for investors without a technological background to invest with a better market understanding and enable technopreneurs to focus on kickstart the technology.

Moving Forward, the Technology Incubation Scheme should also extend to Series A. In addition, EDB should come in to get top Venture Capitalists like Anderson Horowitz to setup a branch. VC Investing is consider a form of physical capital technology that is a key set of knowledge and skills that create positive social externalities to the Singapore Startup and Tech ecosystem. 

WDA can also come into work with the startup community to plan and predict an emerging workforce with entrepreneurial spirit, can do attitude and fail fast fail forward mindset. This is particularly we see value in enabling a matching of seasoned PMETs and startups. 

Next Rules For SMEs Bidding Public Projects Eased