Details about Ionizing radiation in Singapore by Singtel (major operator)

I wanted to learn about Singtels development with G-Technologies, in 2017 Singtel will disable 2G which already occupies 30% of the available bandwidth but for e.g. in a similar environment only serves 0.5% Bandwidth.

As I'm in telecommunications since 15 years, I have some background information and I know that in my homecountry there are 6.5K antennas to serve 8.2 Mio. People or +10 Mio. Subscribers on the data network of the most popular service provider (this is all public information). Singtel (via Facebook) refused to provide me any details on this (it's for security reason).

So I re-phrased my question just a little bit and wrote this on their FB page:

"I'll guess you mix marketing with security. My question is about Ionizing radiation [1] where the WHO standards are similar in the US and the EU [2]. What are your level of Ionizing radiation in Singapore?"

My expectation from the marketing department of Singtel about serious "health issues" are now next to zero.

I'll guess, I've just posted the question at the wrong place, maybe someone can enlight me?




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