Cap maximum 40 working hours per week excluding lunch

In this technology age, why are we clocking more time working. If we work from 8.30-6, we clock almost 10 hours per day. 2 hours travelling to and fro to work, 7 or 6 hours of sleep, we are left with 6 hours.. for personal usage which is not enough. We do cleaning, washing, cooking, chitchat w family members, etc. So we cut our sleeping time further and we're lack of adequate rest. Not to say have time to exercise or reading newspapers or watch tv. Not enough sleep lead to sickness like high blood pressure. Low concentration at work reduce productivity. I would rather have $200/$300 less salary and shorter working hours than high pay and long hours. For our benefits, it would be good if MOM cap 40 hours/week for all workers. So no more 12 hours shift.

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