In the run-up to the creation of ISIS, in the handling of the Syrian crisis and in the reaction to Russia's strikes against terrorists, we see yet another shining and blatant example of sheer hypocrisy and pig-faced insolence from the West. Who the Hell is Obama to opine about anything after his country's record?

So NATO is expressing "concern" about Russia's strafing of terrorists with military hardware... Well, well... Did NATO express "concern" about its strafing of civilians with military hardware in Afghanistan? Did NATO and its puppet-master Washington express "concern" about the illegal act of butchery, the intervention in Iraq, and the subsequent strafing of civilians and civilian infrastructures with military hardware?

Did NATO express "concern" about its illegal act of terrorism in Kosovo when it carved out the heart of Serbia and proclaimed Kosovar terrorists as an independent State? Did NATO express "concern" when its forces entered the Libyan civil war (which it created) illegally against UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) and strafed civilians, government forces and civilian structures with military hardware?

The answer to these questions is no, of course not. And why is NATO so vociferous in condemning Russia's actions in Syria? Because Russia has been targeting terrorists, not dropping supplies to them or siding with them, aiding and abetting them, financing them, paying them not to attack or arming violent terrorist groups on its own lists of proscribed groups, as was the case with NATO powers and terrorist forces in Libya.

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