The US Has Now Lost the Middle East

It’s not at all surprising except in how fast it’s going.Within the space of little more than a decade, since the ill-fated BushAdministration decision to invade and occupy Afghanistan then Iraq inMarch 2003, the United States of America has managed to lose strategicinfluence and allies across the entire Middle East. Not only the Shi’iteIranians, whom President Obama believes are now beholden to Washington,but also for the first time Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arab states andEgypt are in the process of finding new allies or cooperation partners,and they are in the east, no longer the west.

On September 11, 1990 in an address to a Joint Session of Congressthen President George Herbert Walker Bush triumphantly spoke of theUnited States as sole superpower, creating what he termed the New WorldOrder.

The Soviet Union had just dissolved in a chaos. Under the Bush andlater Clinton presidencies, right up until the present day, Washingtonpolicy has been to go further and to devalue, destroy, deconstruct anddismember the Russian Federation, much as they did with Qaddafi’s Libyaafter Hillary Clinton’s 2011 war there.

During the 1990s President Bill Clinton supported introduction ofUS-financed economic “shock therapy,” with heavy support frombillionaire financial wheeler-dealer friend, George Soros, and Soros’Open Society Foundations. Soros personally brought Harvard boys likeJeffrey Sachs to Russia after they had devastated Poland, Ukraine andother former communist states in eastern Europe.

The corrupt Yeltsin regime, busy swilling vodka and lining theirpockets with dollars, cared not about their fellow Russian countrymen.

Times have indeed changed for Washington since those days after 1990.Today the Sole Superpower, the Unchallengeable Hegemon, is challengedas never before, mired in its worst economic depression since the1930’s.

The government has a federal debt more than 103% of GDP. Realunemployment, not the phoney Labor Department definition, stands todayabove 22%. The Federal Reserve is eight years into the worst financialcrisis in history, unable to raise interest rates above zero percent.

And now, the strategic fulcrum of global US power projection since1945, control of the energy flows of the Middle East, is vanishing likecotton candy in the winds.

Washington Panic

The most telling proof of their loss of influence in Middle East isthe reaction of the Obama Administration to recent Russian activities tobring an end to Washington’s horrible war in Syria, the true source ofthe refugee crisis presently creating social tensions across Europe.

On September 12 Barack Obama spoke out against Russia’s recent Syrianactivities. Obama rejected Russia’s calls for increased militarycooperation against ISIS, declaring that Russia’s strategy of backingthe Syrian government against ISIS is “doomed to failure.”

Referring to the fact that Russian aid was going directly to theSyrian government of Bashar al-Assad, whom Washington demands resign,Obama attacked Russia’s recent reported military aid: “The strategythey’re pursuing right now of doubling down on Assad is a mistake.”

Double down is a term from Blackjack that here clearly means toengage in risky behaviour when one is already in a dangerous situation.

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