New Kiosks To Monitor Health Status

Instead of waiting up to two hours just to see the doctor and get medication, chronic-disease patients can now simply pop by a kiosk to assess their condition, then collect their medicine right away.

Known as the MyHealth Kiosk, it also measures height, weight and a person's body mass index before consolidating a printed report.

Since March, Bedok Polyclinic has enrolled 100 patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, under the MyHealth Kiosk pilot programme.

The pilot project was jointly organised by the Eastern Health Alliance and SingHealth Polyclinics, which have also set up a kiosk at a Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities senior activity centre in Bedok.

Seniors in the area can use the kiosk to monitor their health status via a lifestyle questionnaire. Questions include whether they have regular meals and exercise.

Four more kiosks will be introduced in the next six months, but their locations are yet to be determined.

Sources: “Healthcare 'ATM' cuts the wait at Bedok Polyclinic” (The Straits Times, 16 Oct 2015), “Chronic-disease patients can now monitor health at new kiosks” (TODAY Online, 15 Oct 2015)

What are your views on MyHealth Kiosk? Where else are you looking forward to having these kiosks set-up?

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