Civil servants to get one day of volunteer leave per year from 2016

Good very good start by the Government but the execution is against the principle of Volunteering/Charity Works.

One day per year for charity and volunteer works and paid leaves just to do this?

May I suggest to donate these one-day leaves and Government match S$1 to S$1 to the non profit and charity organisation would be better reflective on the spirit and objective such works.

Compassion and inclusiveness should come from the heart.  Connectivity, ground up, gracious, etc should be a natural process in volunteer works.

5-day working weeks should have 52 saturdays and 52 sundays to spare to do meaningful things from the heart.

Does Government really need to hold the hands of civil servants and breeding a group of people only do such things for a purpose or return?

Should we feel sad or sympathetic to civil servants whom need such assistance/incentive to do volunteering / charity works? 

I apologise if these offended anyone.  I am sure there are good civil servants whom are doing volunteering / charity works on the own will and compassion.

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