Myth on Health Risks of Haze Debunked

Contributors on REACH have been raising concerns on the safety precautions to protect individuals, in particular vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children, the needy and those with respiratory illnesses, against the harmful effects of haze. They noted that the persistent haze has affected the health of both the young and the elderly, and posed a health risk to construction workers, security guards workers and National Servicemen who are exposed to hazy outdoor conditions for long periods.

The article below from the Government’s Factually website may address some of the concerns raised.

Will the haze give me cancer?

Singapore is not affected by haze throughout the year, unlike other places that experience high levels of air pollution year round.  There is no data to show that patterns of exposure experienced by Singaporeans would cause longer-term health problems like cancer.

While the patterns of haze exposure experienced by Singaporeans can result in short-term worsening of disease for those who already have chronic heart or lung disease, more information is still needed on its impact over the years.

For healthy people, short term exposure to high levels of haze particles may irritate their eyes, nose, and throat – these are temporary and would generally be resolved on its own.

For more information on the haze and its health impact, check out MOH’s FAQ

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