PM Lee: Yale-NUS Must Adapt Yale Model To Asia

Yale-NUS, Singapore’s first liberal arts college, cannot be a carbon copy of Yale in the United States if it is to succeed, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday (12 Oct) at the inauguration of the Yale-NUS college campus.  Instead, it has to experiment and adapt its model to Asia.

While countries in Asia and around the world are facing similar challenges such as income inequality and ageing population, there is no single model for countries to deal with these issues. “Each country is different and has different situations — different natural endowments, historical experiences, geopolitical situations, social structures, cultures and values,” said Mr Lee.

Yale-NUS needs a curriculum and a college ethos that respond to the regional context of Asia, he said.

Mr Lee also noted that Singapore has been diversifying its tertiary education to offer more pathways for Singaporeans to explore and realise their aspirations.

Yale-NUS’ broad-based liberal arts education programme, which draws on Yale’s intellectual traditions, adds something “different and valuable” to Singapore’s educational eco-system.

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Source: "Yale-NUS must adapt US model to Asia to succeed, says PM Lee" (TODAYOnline, 12 October 2015), "Yale-NUS College has to adapt the Yale model to Asia to succeed: PM Lee Hsien Loong" (The Straits Times, 12 October 2015)

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