Joint Exercise to Test Rail Contingency Plans

In a blog post on 12 October, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said that he has asked the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to conduct a joint exercise with rail operators SMRT and SBS Transit this month, to test the enhanced contingency plans for train breakdowns.  

Mr Khaw, who will be present to observe the exercise, stressed the need for both operators to walk through specific contingency plans related to every MRT station. He added that the top management should be present at such exercises.

Mr Khaw also noted that it was important to recover service speedily and minimise inconvenience to commuters in the event of another major train disruption.

Repeating his previous assertion that "low crime does not mean no crime", Mr Khaw pointed out that even the best in class - the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) - experiences an average of one major disruption per month.

However, the key question remains -“if and when it happens, what can we do to recover service speedily and to minimise inconvenience to commuters?”

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Source: “Khaw orders joint exercise to test contingency plans for MRT breakdowns” (TODAYOnline, 13 October 2015), “Khaw calls for drill to test rail contingency plans” (The Straits Times, 13 October 2015)

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