Haze Updates (13 Oct 2015)

National Environment Agency (NEA) has sent a preventive measures notice to another Indonesian firm, PT Bumi Andalas Permai, requesting it to take measures to extinguish fires on its land, not to start new ones, and submit action plans on how future fires will be prevented.

The notice served yesterday (12 Oct) is the sixth company NEA has served notice to under the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act.

Separately, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) have reached out to more than 3,000 companies to get their commitment and declaration that they procure their wood, paper and/or pulp materials from sustainable sources.

SEC and CASE are also reaching out to printing companies as well as manufacturers and distributors of recycled materials including wood-related products to encourage them to come forward to declare that they have not procured or used wood, paper and/or pulp materials from the six companies named by the NEA accused of causing fires in Indonesia.

Thus far, 38 firms have signed the Singapore Environment Council's (SEC) online declaration which was sent to 210 firms in the wood-related product trade last weekend. 

In another development, about 2,800 members of the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) have also been sent an appeal by both the SEC and the federation to commit to responsible sourcing.

Meanwhile, multilateral firefighting operations are ongoing in Indonesia since Sunday (11 Oct). The task force helping Indonesia to put out fires in South Sumatra has met with some success but it will take a while before the flames can be largely extinguished due to an unusually strong El Nino. El Nino is a  global weather phenomenon characterised by a warming of the ocean surface in the equatorial Pacific.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said that more reinforcements are expected to arrive from different countries to boost the operations.

How can we get more firms to comply with NEA’s preventive measures notice?

Read  NEA's statement on Haze Situation Update (12 October 2015).

Download and read the joint statement by SEC and CASE.


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