Emotional Support for Hep C Outbreak Patients

The Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is currently providing patients and families affected by the hepatitis C outbreak with  emotional support.

In a statement on 10 Oct, the hospital said that it has contacted 14 affected patients and their families as well as the next-of-kin of the eight patients who have passed away, to schedule a family conference.

Eight family conferences have been held, nine are scheduled for the next few days, while another five are being arranged.

SGH also added that doctors and medical social workers have already spoken to affected patients and their families, or will be contacting them, to address their concerns, and to offer the necessary medical, psychological and emotional support.

The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social and Family Development will also provide and coordinate additional social support if required.

Twenty-two patients were infected in the outbreak, with the first case detected on April 17. Of the eight patients who died, four are linked to the virus infection, while a fifth is under review. Two of the remaining 14 survivors are still hospitalised.

Read more at SGH’s statement.


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